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Tree Work

Tree Work Crew

Tree Trimming and Tree Maintenance

Our expert tree crews are licensed & insured to ensure the proper trimming of your valuable trees. Our bucket trucks can reach up to 75’ in the air, so virtually no tree is out of our reach. If you have an unruly tree we can straighten it up by having our crew stake and band it. Are you tired of that pesky tree blocking your million dollar view? Have our crew relocate it somewhere else in your yard and retain the value of that tree and enhance your landscape at the same time. We can diagnose a sick tree and offer proper treatment to save the life of the tree. We offer maintenance of all of your trees on your property including fertilizing, trimming, and shaping.

Tree Trimming and Tree MaintenanceTrees can be dangerous to health believe it or not. In Florida we have some of the most beautiful views of beaches and palm trees, but we also have some pretty nasty weather some times. Your gorgeous trees can have dead branches or fronds that you might not be able to see or reach to properly ensure your safety in case of a hurricane. Falling branches from trees can cause severe damage to structures, vehicles, other landscape or even people. We can make sure you and your property are safe from these risks with proper tree trimming and maintenance. Did you know that it is estimated that every year more than 150 people die as a result of being struck in the head by falling coconuts. We will remove these potentially deadly tropical nuts so you can enjoy them in a pina colada and not as a hat... ouch!

The tree crews at Williams Magical Garden Center and Landscape are able to handle all of your tree trimming, relocation, fertilizing, removal, and installation needs. The next time you need an expert for any tree needs call us and we will take care of it. Call today and schedule our crews to come out and give you a quote to manicure your trees.

We offer the following tree services:

  • Bucket Trucks up to 75'
  • Staking & Banding
  • Removals
  • Relocations
  • Installations & Design
  • Trimming & Shaping
  • Hurricane Prep & Clean-up
  • Maintenance Services
  • De-Seeding
  • Coconut Removal
  • Fertilization
  • Sick Tree Diagnosis & more