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Sprinklers & Irrigation

Sprinklers & Irrigation

Need Irrigation?

You might think to yourself... "I live in Florida, we get plenty of rain and it is humid and tropical. I don't need to worry about irrigation." Well that is far from the truth. Florida has wet and dry spells just like every other state. A professionally installed irrigation system will protect your valuable plant material in your landscape.

Many of the plants in your yard require different amounts of water based on their location and what type of plant they are. For instance your turf grass may require up to two days per week watering in sandy soil to provide proper moisture. While a freshly planted shrub or tree may require watering 3-4 times weekly until established and then perhaps once a week after they have become established. The surrounding conditions have a lot to do with the irrigation requirements for any landscape. Remember to mulch plant beds to help retain the moisture in the soil and prevent some evaporation. Shady areas may require less water than an area that receives direct full sun. Simply said it is recommended to have a professional irrigation system installed at the same time as your new landscape is installed to ensure a healthy and lush landscape.

Let our team of professional irrigation specialist install a system that will keep your landscape looking great all year long. Call today to get a free consultaion 239-597-4414."

We will design an irrigation system specific to your landscaping needs.

We also repair, and add to your existing irrigation system!

Take the guesswork (and the legwork) of watering your yard with an automatic irrigation system that will keep your yard looking lush, healthy, and gorgeous all year long!