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Southwest Florida has an abundance of tropical palm tree varieties that are sure to make any landscape look beautiful. We have given you some of the choices for great palm tree varieties below. Click on the individual palm tree name below to find out more information on that particular tree. You will find information about water needs, height, sun requirements and more. Call us to schedule the installation of your new palm tree once you have decided which is right for your landscape. Please call with any questions or to arrange to have one of our professional designers help with your selection.

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It has single smooth, upright, trunk, 9-13 inches in diameter, brownish-gray, ringed by the scars from the fallen fronds. Overlapping leaf-bases grow from three distinct points of the trunk, forming a triangle, hence the name Triangle Palm. Leaves are pinnate, or feather-like, arching almost upright, about 10ft long and 3ft wide, segmented, bluish-green above and beneath, supported by brown petiole covered in a whitish bloom. It can tolerate temperatures down to 30F for a short period of time when mature enough. During cold temperatures it should be kept as dry as possible.
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