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Our retail store is located at
1717 Pine Ridge Road (Near Shirley Street)
Naples, Florida 34109
Our hours are
8 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Saturday

About UsWilliams Magical Garden Center & Landscape has been creating magical landscapes in the Collier & Lee counties for over four decades. We are a landscape contractor that offers all aspects of landscape from water feature design to custom-built landscapes.

Our garden center is a great place to shop for that perfect planter since we have many pots to choose from. We also carry a vast selection of water features small and large. If you are looking to add some character to your current landscape we offer many different styles of statuary as well from Mexican inspired hand made art to Mediterranean style or traditional pieces.

We are proud to offer many additional landscape services like a complete tree care crew that can handle any of your tree needs from tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, to tree installation. We also offer a full irrigation crew which can make the needed adjustments to current irrigation systems or install a complete system that will help ensure a healthy landscape. To complete the services to beautify your landscape we can also create a dramatic outdoor lighting design that will showcase your plants and trees. In order to keep your investment looking great we offer our quarterly maintenance program which includes our professional crew visiting your home and caring for all of your plant material the proper way. Not just "mow and go" like a lot of other maintenance companies offer.

We are licensed and insured, so you can trust that your landscape will be installed properly and will look beautiful for many years to come. Give Williams Magical Garden Center & Landscape a call the next time you need any type of landscape service. You won't be disappointed and you will learn why many of our customers are referrals or repeat customers.

The History of Wizzy

You may have heard of some of Wizzy's historical accomplishments:

  • The legendary Johnny Appleseed was on a field assignment for the Wizzard's fruit-growing subsidiary when he walked across the continent planting all those apple trees.
  • The Wizzard himself planted the new cherry tree to replace the one that young George Washington chopped down.
  • The Wizzard's own botanical research lab discovered the remarkable fertilizing properties of animal droppings which were then named for the lab's chief scientist, Dr. Marvin Manure, PH.D.
  • When a young boy named Jack was taking his mother's cow into town, it was the Wizzard who met the boy and negotiated the trade for magic seeds. As soon as the Wizzard's seeds were placed in the boy's palm, they began to grow into what would later be called "palm trees." (The tabloid press of the day got wind of the story, changed the palm trees into a beanstalk and made up that ridiculous nonsense about Jack climbing the beanstalk to confront a giant in the sky.)
  • The Wizzard also planted the one tree that managed to grow in Brooklyn.

Owner Tom and Mary Williams
Owner Tom and Mary Williams

Wizzard Staff
Williams Magical Staff

Staff on Tree Truck
Staff on Tree Truck

Tree Truck Photo
Tree Truck